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Steam games you regret not buying during Summer Sale

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3 years ago#21
^^And I didn't even buy anything
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3 years ago#22
I regret not buying Blur when it was on sale a year ago for $5.
3 years ago#23
Metro last light.
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3 years ago#24
Dishonored and some 4x game to feed my 4x addiction
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3 years ago#25
Don't Starve

3 years ago#26
I got super meat boy for 3.75 that is pretty much it don't game on pc much also have it on 360 too
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3 years ago#27
Fez just to see what all the fuss is about, and Dark Souls because everyone of my friends are like "OMG DARK SOOOOOULS". -_-
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3 years ago#28
None cuz all of them I can grab in future sales
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3 years ago#29
Like, ALL the games!

Seriously, though. I'm mostly interested in Fallen Enchantress 2 and Don't Starve. There are a few others like Faster than Light (and any number of other space sims) and other strategy games I'm curious about. Shadowrun and Syndicate have my interest, as well. I don't think Syndicate is out yet, but I did beat the old MS-DOS game back in the day.

I'm in school right now, so I'm not letting myself buy too many Steam games. Shoot, I haven't beaten very many of the ones I have right now, anyway.

I've beaten Portal and Portal 2 offline and online. (Haven't messed with the extra maps much.)
I haven't played much of Magicka, still need to beat Torchlight, and am waiting until I do this with each character to play Torchlight 2.

That is pretty much as extensive as my Steam library is so far.

I probably would have made much more progress in each of these games I had not downloaded Team Fortress 2. :-p
3 years ago#30
left 4 dead 2.
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