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GTX 780 or another 7970Ghz?

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User Info: FinalForm7

3 years ago#1
For starters, I game at 5760x1080 so the driver fix didn't do jack for eyefinity users from what I read. So I'm thinking of getting rid of my 7970 for $325 and get myself a 780. There are lots of games I play I can almost max at 5760x1080 with a few things turned down (mostly older games) such as BL2, I figured a 780 has the GPU grunt I need.

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User Info: koolkid777

3 years ago#2
Eyefinity won't be increased by newer drivers that much if you lack the power to run it.

Go crossfire 7970 GHz. That's what I used for my 3 monitors back then before doing 4k now.
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