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When are the 780 Lightnings releasing?

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User Info: Xeeh_Bitz

3 years ago#1
May buy a couple, any ETA?
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User Info: thatfool12Gs

3 years ago#2
February 32nd, 2014.
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User Info: cynicwithin2000

3 years ago#3
If it is true what has been rumored, 8/7 should be their release day. MSI released a teaser video with that date on it talking about "can you hear the thunder?" I'm gonna get three and sell my titan.
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User Info: Snuckie7

3 years ago#4
7/8/13 is the likely announcement day. . . whether you'll be able to snag any, that's a different story all together. The EVGA Classies flew off the shelves for the first week or two after launch.
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