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fps problems in last light

#1FlyinTonitePosted 8/1/2013 10:00:36 PM
finally got this game to run. Oddly enough, the fact I have a usb headset is the reason it wouldn't boot (found this out in the steam forums). I have gtx 660's, I'm getting about 60-70 fps on very high settings with no msaa, tessellation on medium, as is motion blur. Sometimes, the fps dips to the teens. I have zero idea why. My mobo isn't an sli board, it's crossfire but I have hypersli which has worked pretty well so far, maybe that's the issue? Crysis 3 runs at a solid 50fps and I've never seen that dip, except for like that one fluke occurrence.

any ideas? Is the game just that horribly optimized? Right now I hate this game because of how crappy it runs right now.
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