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I,m looking for a specific game

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3 years ago#1
I want a war game[It can be first person,third person,role-playing or strategy) that heavily includes guerilla street fighting(weapon to weapon not fist to fist) I really like that type except that there aren't many games which quite capture that essence,I want a game where 2 teams fight to capture streets and buildings(missionary games are okay but i prefer team to team games) and if it involves tanks and stuff it's better,I know i,m asking for a very hard-to-find game but I really want a game like that...freedom fighters is a really good example of what i,m talking about,but again Unreal tournament 3 is good example too(only the mode where you use tanks and stuff and the goal is to capture areas)
note:DO NOT recommend online games,i want player against computer games
If you,re asking why i want such a game it's because my country is in a civil war and i wanna see how is it to fight a guerilla street fighting war
3 years ago#2
Company of Heroes?
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3 years ago#3
Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway is pretty good, tons of strategy to take buildings, streets, areas etc
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3 years ago#4
One of the Men of War games maybe?
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3 years ago#5
Very good suggestions so far but company of heroes is more of an open field war game and i,ve seen few pics of it and it somehow doesn't match....brothers in arms is good it really captures the essence(as much as Call of duty too)but i still have to see it for myself
By the way i have to mention and this is a necessity:First and third person games have to have a team-working style of game(such as brothers in arms and call of duty)....I don't want I,m-the-hero-soldier-of-my-entire-army games
3 years ago#6
Lol comma instead of apostrophe
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3 years ago#7
thatfool12Gs posted...
Lol comma instead of apostrophe

awesome | |
3 years ago#8
Well I hope that spelling mistake didn't give you a comma
I,m from a country where we don't use apostrophe in our language(Arabian language)
3 years ago#9
Company of Heroes isn't really an open field game, it focuses specifically on micro managing small teams of soldiers in a WW2 setting, usually in small streets. You take defense behind small fences and walls, advancing on Nazis bunkered up in houses etc.

If you are looking for old school games, Jagged Alliance 2 is exactly what you want.
#1 LoL Poster NA:
3 years ago#10
Actually men of war does it exactly for me as such company of heroes they are both excellent examples
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