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Weird problem with my PC interrupting the signal to my cable box.

#1LB3Posted 8/2/2013 7:34:41 PM(edited)
Whenever I turn on my PC I lose my HD channels on my cable box.

-PC is connected to a computer monitor
-Cable box is connected to a separate TV that
Comcast TV service to the DVR cable box and Comcast internet to the computer. (As far as I can tell this is the only thing they both share.)

Anyone ever hear of a PC being able to interrupt the signal to a cable box?

Edit: Ok i think I found something. However I welcome any other suggestions.

"You must install a cable amplifier, at the point where the signal enters the house, before the splitters. There is too weak a signal to make it through all of the splitters or long cables. The amplifier and splitters should be bi-directional. Radio Shack and other manufacturers sell these units. The gain should be adjusted high enough to overcome the splitter loss, but if the gain is adjusted too high, there will be snow in the picture.

The cable company should also give you enough signal level, but very often they don't. They will also blame problems on the customers equipment.
If you want to have comcast troubleshoot it, be prepared for a lot of run around. If you want to install your own amp, go for it. These problems are very common and fighting with the cable company about it is a big headache."
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