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Last game you played start to finish before playing anything else?

#1xLexLuth0rxPosted 8/2/2013 8:15:17 PM
I can't think of one myself. I'm terrible with starting games and not finishing them. Let alone playing one from beginning to end before I start up something else. And I'm not talking about in one sitting necessarily, although I'm sure that will be the case for some of you.
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#22Dhas_a_MIGRANEPosted 8/2/2013 8:18:14 PM
The first Portal since it wasn't very long.
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#3jamoke57Posted 8/2/2013 8:22:07 PM
The Walking Dead, it's probably the first game i beat in like 2 years. I was able to do it, because it was so story driven and it was pretty short which helped alot.
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#4xLexLuth0rx(Topic Creator)Posted 8/2/2013 8:22:43 PM
If I really think back, the only thing that comes to mind is maybe Portal 2. I'm pretty sure a friend and I played through the coop in 2 sessions and I want to say I finished the main single player portion relatively fast. I really enjoyed it which is very rare these days.
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#5pfantzypantzPosted 8/2/2013 8:23:27 PM
Walking Dead or Hotline Miami, great stuff
#6SnadadosPosted 8/2/2013 8:24:59 PM
Probably Borderlands 2.
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#7CatToyPosted 8/2/2013 8:27:53 PM
Metro Last Light.
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#8Fade2black001Posted 8/2/2013 8:29:55 PM
Sleeping Dogs for a 2nd time.
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#9GarquillPosted 8/2/2013 8:37:28 PM(edited)
Wizards and Warriors (NES)
I beat it in one sitting so that hardly counts.

Mirror's Edge? I beat it over the course of a day with breaks

StarCraft II on release day may be the last game I played exclusively over the course of a few days. That's about 3 years ago.

It's impossible for me to do it nowadays unless it's in one sitting since I play competitive TF2 6 nights per week
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#10MadnessLoverPosted 8/2/2013 8:44:51 PM
To the Moon.
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