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Last game you played start to finish before playing anything else?

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User Info: Meghiddo

3 years ago#81
Final Fantasy 13...
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User Info: wildog2006

3 years ago#82
The Last of Us
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User Info: Shunichiro

3 years ago#83
The new Tomb Raider, I was so captivated and engaged by it I had to finish it without playing any other games in between.
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User Info: JuanZolo

3 years ago#84
The Last of Us
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User Info: Rolling_Stoned

3 years ago#85
MGR as I was borrowing it from a friend who had it rented, so I beat it in one sitting.
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User Info: KingisLegend

3 years ago#86
Lollipop Chainsaw
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User Info: DarthSchubert

3 years ago#87
Bioshock Infinite. Before that Dishonored. Before that Dark Souls. I'm not counting phone games because you know... gotta do something while you poop.
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User Info: OHJOY90

3 years ago#88
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon I think. Which came out in May, took me a week to beat the story and continued to play it for another 2 weeks, although I didn't do absolutely everything.
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User Info: Frex_The_Wimp

3 years ago#89
I bought a ton of games off the Steam Summer Sale and I made a priority list to make sure I actually beat all of these games. So far it's not really working, but I'm trying to beat Batman: Arkham Asylum first.

User Info: Yargitsu99z

3 years ago#90
Starcraft and Brood War campaigns. Just last year; not when they came out lol
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