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Anyone else wish an updated UMPC would come out?

#1ConkerPosted 8/3/2013 3:42:11 AM
I know there are tablets and convertibles out there that accomplish similar functionality but they don't have the robust options like some of the few UMPC's back from five or so years ago. They really were just ahead of their time for functionality/form but behind in power and battery life.

I'm talking about devices like the HTC Shift, Samsung Q1 Ultra, and Sony VAIO UX 390N. Now we have essentially all touch tablets with larger keyboards and docks, lacking many of the hardware buttons/switches of those older devices, along with less functional sizes but of course newer processors, higher resolutions, and better batteries.

If a company just updated the specs, display, and tweaked the design for today's market but kept the smaller profiles/display, I think they'd have a great option. It seems like every company is determined to take away some of that functionality or increase the size, though.
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