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Has Steam made you a cheap ass gamer?

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User Info: Star_Nuts

3 years ago#1
Has Steam made you a cheap ass gamer? - Results (239 votes)
Yes, I ONLY buy games when they have a huge ass sale
29.29% (70 votes)
Yes, but occasionally I'll buy games full price
43.1% (103 votes)
Eh, sales help me make some purchases but I still purchase plenty of games that aren't on sale
16.74% (40 votes)
No, when I want a game, I buy it regardless of it's price
10.88% (26 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think it really has made me cheap, but I think the reason is because I have so many games I've purchased on sale that I've yet to play. I'll still purchase games I'm 99% sure I'll love but there are only a few of those a year.
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User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#2
It has not made me cheap.

It however has coaxed me into buying a lot of games for 5 dollars I would have otherwise never touched.
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#3
I don't remember the last time I spend $50-60 on a game. Even when I pre order, I usually have a coupon. Tons of sites offers coupons on pre orders. I got Battlefield 3 for around $45, and it came with Deadspace 2. Fallout: New Vegas was around the same price. I got Shadowrun Returns for $18 with $2 off, but that is 1/3 the price of a brand new game. Diablo 3 was probably the only game I paid $60 for since Fallout 3 ( I think that was $50 actually, but same thing ).
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User Info: maybecalls

3 years ago#4
I only installed Steam because I needed it to install Warband, which I'd bought as an impulse buy on disc for 98p. I was a thrifty cheapo-ass gamer long before I started using Steam.

User Info: Golden_Gonads

3 years ago#5
No. I never paid full price before Steam either.

User Info: betatech

3 years ago#6
I would rarely buy a non-sale games anyway on any platform (only time I do that now it's either due to certain circumstances e.g. a game could become rare or because of some pre-order bonus).

If anything steam has caused me to spend more money than I otherwise would.
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User Info: thebladeofwoe

3 years ago#7
I like deals, but i HAD to buy splinter cell blacklist. Now broke aha.
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User Info: superdarkshadow

3 years ago#8
Just a little. I never bought games for 50-70 bucks, I thought that was too expensive long before I used Steam. It has however made me cheaper in that I will wait for a sale when a game just remotely interests me.
On the other hand, Steam has also made me buy a lot of games that I never would've even looked at if it werent for the Steam sales.
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User Info: ThePHiLsTeR

3 years ago#9
You forgot the option, I used to be a pirate but now I pay since its so cheap.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

3 years ago#10
nope, iv always been a cheapass.
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