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Going to buy an Alienware

#51sodakid1919Posted 8/5/2013 11:21:04 AM
I dont know a whole lot about how to build a computer so luckily i knew a freind who did and i asked him to do it for me if i bought the parts and paid a bit for his work

i got a rig for about 900 that would have cost near 2 grand had i bought it built
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#52RsanqwertyPosted 8/5/2013 11:41:01 AM
As I am not primarily a pc gamer I have a pretty regular laptop (about $500) it runs Arkham asylum, Skyrim and Fallout fine! =)
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#53_Marka_Ragnos_Posted 8/5/2013 11:54:12 AM
Alienware makes fine computers if you do not mind overspending. If you have the cash to burn, their computers are going to be backed by a rather nice warranty and customer support.

That said, it's not recommended you buy an Alienware desktop. Their laptops are frequently recommended because other brands are usually very similar in price but their desktops are a great deal more expensive than building your own (Which is not hard to do at all).
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#54DJ0224Posted 8/5/2013 12:03:53 PM
Just go build one on Cyberpowerpc or iBuypower. They are prebuilt for you. Little more expensive than doing it yourself, but not as bad as alienware is.
#55greywolf00Posted 8/5/2013 12:28:44 PM
If building really isn't an option, I would recommend Ibuypower or Cyberpower instead. Alienware kind of went downhill after Dell.
#56ATARIJAWAPosted 8/5/2013 2:01:57 PM
That 645 is a multimedia level card. Not even a gaming card. I mean it will play games but it's not great.
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