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How often do you gift games on steam? how do you feel about gifting games

#1r3sonancePosted 8/5/2013 9:17:43 PM
So with GMG and steam sales, are you finding yourself gifting games a lot to your friends/family? Especially those 4 pack deals.

Are you expecting something back in return whenever you gift games? How do yall feel whenever you gift a game and your friends/family members don't play it?

Is money an issue for you whenever you gift games? Do you split it equally or do you just pay the full amount?

random thought topic.. O _ o
#2happyscrub1Posted 8/5/2013 10:01:08 PM(edited)
I don't even give gifts for people's birthdays. All my friends have jobs to where they can afford to get any game they want. That actually lowers the value of video game gift giving.

Good gifts are those that someone need or could really use but for whatever reason they won't get for themselves (or hard to get). Most gamers are fanatically gamers and will get any game they want unless they are franticly poor. Chances are, if they really wanted what ever you was gifting them, they would of gotten it already.

#3kobalobasileusPosted 8/5/2013 10:10:41 PM
During Steamsmas (what my group of friends calls the Steam Winter Sale), we all usually exchange an approximately $20 worth of Steam games. It's easier than buying physical games or gift cards, plus we can look at each others' with lists and know exactly what to get (sometimes it's nice to surprise someone with a game they have never heard of that you think they'll like).
#4Mudkip57Posted 8/5/2013 10:14:58 PM
I have a friend in the UK that I gifted games for Christmas and birthdays. Far easier than mailing a physical object
#5SteamsterPosted 8/5/2013 10:18:50 PM
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#6arleasPosted 8/5/2013 10:19:01 PM

I gift games to friends somewhat often, for no special reason other than I think the game is cool and want my friends to play it (maybe it's multiplayer, maybe it's single player, whatever).

In some cases where both of us want a game and it's cheaper to do the 4 pack well, then I usually wind up buying the 4 pack, and then I give the copies to friends who may (or may not) pay me back. Needless to say I'm disappointed most of the time, so I don't buy the 4 pack unless I'm willing to just give the copies away.

If it's just a plain ole gift, I don't EXPECT anything back (because 90% of the time I get nothing back) but it would be nice...

If I give someone a gift and they don't play it, well, I would like them to play it, but i can't make them. If I buy them something and they don't play it, that's the last gift they get from me... to buy them something extra would be a waste of money.
#7claytonbuckleyPosted 8/5/2013 10:19:26 PM
I very rarely, almost never gift games. only time i might is when i get a copy of something i already own in a humble bundle or something.
#8x_stevey_xPosted 8/5/2013 10:22:22 PM
i tend to gift lesser known and good indie games to random people when they;re on sale in an attempt to simultaneously spread the word of the game and make people happy .
#9_Marka_Ragnos_Posted 8/5/2013 11:28:51 PM
If I see a game is on sale and one of my friends has it in their wanted list I sometimes pick it up for them. Usually about once a month.
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#10SlaynPosted 8/5/2013 11:30:48 PM
Never gifted anything in 9 years.
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