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New Mouse Reccomendations

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User Info: Mega_Tyrant

3 years ago#1
So my current mouse (Razer Naga) is starting to register multiple clicks when I click once, I never really used the multiple button features of the mmo centered naga so I'm thinking just a really good mouse is all I need now. Whats a good mouse I can pick up.
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User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#2
I think I'm the only person on gamefaqs with a daughterboard - ToastyOne
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User Info: Bossdog421

3 years ago#3
I <3 my g500. I like a heavy mouse :p
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User Info: Garquill

3 years ago#4
Recommended mice with perfect sensors:

Zowie EC1 evo
Zowie EC2 evo
Zowie AM
Zowie FK
Logitech G400 / G400s
Razer Deathadder
Razer Abyssus
Roccat Savu
CM Storm Spawn
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User Info: Ch3wy

3 years ago#5
wizardmon posted...
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User Info: aak57

3 years ago#6
Palm grip: G400/G400s, Deathadder
Claw grip: Savu, Spawn
Ambidextrous: Zowie FK
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