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IPS Monitors help? Need glossy (no anti-glare coat)

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3 years ago#21
^Thanks, though probably not what I'm looking for.

Found these 1600p via Not sure if they're oc'able?
3 years ago#22
OK I have been researching these things as well, so I am going to give you some info. You are looking at Korean monitors. Basically Koreans make two different kinds of panels, IPS and LPS. IPS is from LG, IPS is from Samsung. Companies like Apple and Samsung take the "best quality" ones and put them in high end cases with all sorts of bells and whistles and charge a premium price. Small no name companies take these "rejects" ( not necessarily bad, what you'd call "A-" ) and put them in SUPER CHEAP cases, usually with barebones equipment. No on-screen displays, usually just brightness + -.

There are some models with DVI only, some with DVI and HDMI. The single input are usually the best quality, there are some sacrifices for getting HDMI, usually more lag. The price difference is a bit large and usually not worth it. The best picture will probably be the dual link DVI. HDMI is kind of worthless here, you won't be hooking up a PS3 to this thing. Some come with speakers, some not, some are glossy, some are matte. The difference between speakers and gloss are personal, and should not change the price much. Then there is the pixel perfect option, which is usually $30.

From what I have seen, they actually don't even test these things, that is what people say. The "normal" pixe policy is usually more than 1 dead pixel in the center is exchangeable, more than 5 total is exchangeable. With the pixel policy, it seems that any pixels leads to a possible exchange. From what people say, usually they don't get dead pixels either way, and the rate of dead pixels is about the same. They just basically pocket the $30.

Now for the 2b model, basically people figured out that this specific PCB inside the monitor has a better chance of overclocking to 120+hz. Normal ones can achieve this, but people really like this model. So sellers have been taking these out and selling them at an extreme price, usually $200+. They technically do not guarantee 120hz, but they're a better chance.

Now to IPS vs PLS. One is from LG, and one is from Samsung. The IPS has been bought for a while longer and people are more familiar with them. The PLS is newer, some people say it has better image quality and can OC better. No concrete evidence. The makers of the IPS panels are generally Yamakasi, Crossover, and Achievia. The makers of the PLS are Qnix and X-Star. AFAIK the difference between the companies is small, just different monitor stands/casings. Some are better than the others.

For 1600p, the price point jumps from around $300 to around... $600. Double the price for about... 25% increase in size, I believe. IMO not worth it. There hasn't been as much info on the 1600p because no one really buys them. I don't think they can reliable hit 120hz either, and probably don't have very good quality. The pixel density I know is lower, that is just math, slight increase in pixels, large increase in size. IMO the 30" aren't worth it.

Personally, I am going to pick up a QNIX or X-Star this Friday on payday, and I am going for a glossy model with single DVI input. The only difference between the two are the bezels, I will see which one is better. I heard they're both crap, but one has an easier to remove stand. One you have to actually open it up. They both can be equipped with standard VESA mounts, you can get one off monoprice if you want. Some models also have really good swivel stands too, you have to look around. There are a few well known reputable sellers on Ebay, Green-Sum and dream-seller seem to be the most reputable. The best place to find more info is actually They have "official" threads where people post discussions and their results. Good luck!
#1 LoL Poster NA:
3 years ago#23
^Hmm, so... what's the best oc'able 1440p and 1600p in your opinion? How do they compare? Or should I try and ask this on OC forum? I've been seriously considering especially because it's tempered glass.
3 years ago#24
3 years ago#25
bump just in case I forget about all the links here
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