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First Time Build Help v3

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User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

3 years ago#21
jakisthe posted...
Is there an easy way to check maximum card length? Obviously, I can look at the dimensions, but I'm guessing that's not exactly the way to go about it. I have the card dimensions, and it's 11.57" long...but what do I compare that too?

Well you sometimes have to guess. The Phantom will have no trouble fitting any card out now.
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User Info: jakisthe

3 years ago#22
Great! Well. I guess the very last thing is..which card, of those two, to get, and which mobo works best (with wide enough slots to SLI a particularly wide card down the road) with the GPU and CPU I have. I know need to have a 1155 CPU socket and PCI express 16x GPU socket, but beyond that, all bets are off.
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