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PC fan noise

#1CloudZ1116Posted 8/12/2013 11:13:44 PM
So over the last week I've been dealing with some issues with my PC in my spare time; I ran into a problem with Crucial's older SSD firmware, which would cause my machine to die every 90 min or so. After going through hard drive cloning, firmware updates, and more hard drive cloning, I decided to do some cable management, since my PC was open anyway. It turned out great, and the interior looks much cleaner now.

Thing is, once I started my machine back up, I noticed it seemed to be much noisier than before. I'm wondering if it's because now that there's so much less crap blocking air flow, the increased flow will actually generate more noise. Has anyone else ever come across this? Do you guys think it's safe to turn my fans down a bit?
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