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Where can I get a decent business desktop computer?

#1SirLezdainPosted 8/14/2013 3:53:46 PM
I told my mom I would help her get a desktop computer for work but it seems like everywhere I go I run into premades with frivolous junk on it that inflates the price. She doesn't need anything special, just needs to be able to have a dual display. Can anyone recommend me a tower or a website where I can build one? Any recommended specs?
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#2zerodefectPosted 8/14/2013 3:57:49 PM
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#3ShubPosted 8/14/2013 4:00:17 PM
If you want to build it, go to and pick some parts within whatever budget you have.
Otherwise, you could look at business-oriented desktops from HP, Dell (OptiPlex) or Lenovo (ThinkCentre).
What is your budget?
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#4urtvPosted 8/14/2013 4:10:56 PM
Dell (OptiPlex) and Lenovo (ThinkCentre) are the most popular where i work at.can support dual monitors