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Looking for origin friends!

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3 years ago#11
somebody336 posted...
Your a mean person >.>

what? how?
3 years ago#12
Origin ID:THEBLVCKGXD1(anybody add me if they want).

Excellent origin profile status op.
Technically Heihachi and Kaz had to have sex too to create Kaz and Jin. - VRX3000
Hehachi and Kaz had sex and made KazJin?! WTH?! -starrylily
3 years ago#13
add darig0n if you guys wanna. also, same on steam btw
3DS FC: 3222-5560-9608
3 years ago#14
origin id is hatmann anyone here can add me :)
3 years ago#15

Need more friends!!!
3 years ago#16

Come on guys, more friends plz
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