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RUMOR: EA to refresh Origin Humble Bundle 2 more times

#61Ch3wyPosted 8/16/2013 12:05:23 PM
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Keep checking Your proof will be there.

So none then, got it. The point I was trying to make that seems to have gone way over your head. I'm going to laugh if TC was wrong. Especially when his rumor is about something that I'm pretty hasn't happened before, have they ever added crap to a bundle then added even more?

Yeah. Humble 3 got Steel Storm and Atom Zombie Smasher individually as BTA bonuses, then Humble 2. The THQ bundle got Dawn of War and the RF:A DLC as separate additions also, I think.

The MoH Airborne/Bulletstorm/RA3 Uprising/DS2 rumor remains a lot more credible, however.

Those are all Steam games, that doesn't show the whole picture. Given that it's an Origin bundle there is definitely going to be at least one more Origin exclusive.

That does make sense. I still think Crysis 3 is a little far-fetched but I could definitely see NFS:MW on there.

This whole bundle is a little far-fetched. Imagine if someone posted a rumor about it coming a week ago.
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#62Pawkie07Posted 8/16/2013 12:16:01 PM
Origin is a kill dealer.
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I'd guess C&C3 and Crysis and Dead Space 2 could appear, given that they are pretty old by now. Biggest obstacle for me getting Crysis is its installation limits

Btw, if your attemption was to troll, you just succeeded.

lol this isn't trolling but a rumor i heard from one of my sources (sauce)

I'm not sure the other voices in your head count as 'sources'

LOL, were it not for schizophrenic personalities, we'd have no gaming "news" on these forums, be thankful.
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You do get a rumor without any source or proof or anything is called "making **** up", right?

So... if someone like Kotaku or Gamespot makes this s*** up and he links it, it's a rumor; if Trancesnkboifan decides to make it up, it's just making it up?


Snktrancefanboi is clearly a rumor starter. Rumors have to start somewhere. That's how they become rumors.
Also, I hate the word "rumor." It reminds me of Rumer Willis. Sorry Bruce, but your daughter's chin is a hazard.

I think a large gaming site that surely has more than a few gaming industry contacts is more reliable than some random person on the internet who "knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy".
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Pawkie07 posted...
Origin is a kill dealer.

Then your prejudice makes you blind and stupid.
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