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What are the changes GTA V for the PC will get all the PC goodies?

#31AsellusPosted 8/16/2013 9:45:14 PM
It isn't confirmed at all. If anything I'd expect it 2-3 years after the console launch, so R* can get the pre-piracy sales. (Well, mostly free of piracy anyway - we know there are a few guys out there who pirate on console, but it's not as significant as on PC)

Given console games only have about two-three months to sell before there's enough used copies floating around that retailers never have to buy any more new ones why wait any longer than that even if you are worried that an easily pirated pc version may cut into console version sales?
#32Snight01Posted 8/16/2013 11:19:42 PM
Terrible optimization and ridiculous requirements. There is a reason why piracy exists on PC.

But if a game is great and perfectly optimized. It never suffers from piracy
Worst Optimized PC Games
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#33RoniellioPosted 8/17/2013 7:21:05 AM(edited)
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Still don't see why everyone is expecting a horrible port after Max Payne 3.

Still don't see why everyone considers GTA IV a "horrible" port considering how long ago its problems were solved. It's as if the patches they released to clean up the game don't exist.

You know what? I got these patches and the game still runs like ass. It looked and ran like ass on the 360 before I even became a PC gamer. It still does. The only good things I like about the game where the story and its characters.

I had a PC worse than what you have now and the game ran fine. So I honestly don't believe you.

And yes I'm fully aware that you don't care. I'm just posting this so other people who will want to believe you see it.

No, really the dude is right, I have a GTX760 and the game still doesn't run properly

Someone will probably chime in and say that you should turn down the draw distance sliders. That defeats one of the purposes of having it on PC. I've actually looked on some forums and read some bs about the game not being designed to run at max on current hardware yet that was good while before I got my current card. Even two card gens later on your GTX 760, its still not running well. Sounds like the same things I heard about Crysis 1.
Even when I turn the sliders down, the game runs the same.

I should mention that I always aim for 60fps and I could do with 50+fps
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#34SlaynPosted 8/17/2013 8:01:40 AM
Snight01 posted...
Terrible optimization and ridiculous requirements. There is a reason why piracy exists on PC.

But if a game is great and perfectly optimized. It never suffers from piracy

ummm wat?

What does piracy have to do with optimization and requirements...
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#35NfuzedXGamerPosted 8/17/2013 8:18:29 AM
First off GTA 5 PC isnt finished when it ahsnt even started yet. secondly, Its an open world dynamic game PC gamers love this stuff. Secondly, Max Payne 3 was LIGHTYEARS ahead of its console counterpart in terms of graphics (even if the game sorta sucked) GTA 5 is running off the same RAGE/EUPHORIA engine as Max Payne 3 is so yes the pc features will better. And the online is looking incredible. Finished? ,.....Yea,....
#36Kokuei05Posted 8/17/2013 9:08:51 AM
GTAV; the first 50GB PC Vanilla game.
#37SolidManifestPosted 8/17/2013 2:15:12 PM
So how do you mod this game? Any stupid proof programs like nexus mod manager?
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