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This is irritating....Pewdiepie is #1 on Youtube in subscribers...

#1BissomoneybagsPosted 8/16/2013 7:33:35 PM
I just want to say that I have nothing against the guy, he seems very down to earth and genuine, but I can't help but sit and wonder why this guy is the most subscribed on Youtube. Yeah, he can be funny at times, but his walkthroughs aren't the best and his commentary can be abrasive at times. Why is this guy liked so much?
#2daemon_danPosted 8/16/2013 7:34:28 PM
Teenaged girls think he's hot.
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#3TheNazzaroPosted 8/16/2013 7:35:04 PM
He's appealing to the demographic that most often subscribes to YouTube channels, I'm guessing. JBiebs get's more views, but the tweens don't subscribe like the slightly older basement dwelling nerdgamers do. Just a guess.
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#4AsucaHayashiPosted 8/16/2013 7:35:10 PM
mfw i found out he earns at least a couple of hundred Ks every month from ad revenue.

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#5N_T_S_CPosted 8/16/2013 7:39:10 PM
who even cares?
#6DerPancakePosted 8/16/2013 7:39:10 PM
This reminds me of a thread on anther forum about someone asking why is Coca-Cola the best selling soda in the world, his argument:

"I don't like Coca-Cola, therefore Coca-Cola shouldn't be the best selling soda"..
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#7myztikricePosted 8/16/2013 7:39:14 PM
I sincerely doubt he's a millionaire
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#8AsucaHayashiPosted 8/16/2013 7:41:13 PM
myztikrice posted...
I sincerely doubt he's a millionaire
#2: Pewdiepie $6.1 million (870m channel views)

"is jelly"
PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.
#9TropicMoon10Posted 8/16/2013 7:42:34 PM
It's not like his competitor (or even the top 10 most subbed) channels are any better though.
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#10TheC0ndemnedOnePosted 8/16/2013 8:20:05 PM(edited)

That, and also he's perfect for girls and little kids (what big companies target, they generate a crazy amount of money; also, most of them probably don't know what AdBlock is):
He's a pretty boy
He has a foreign accent but it's still really easy to understand him
He's hyper and vulgar
There are memes within his fanbase that keep them talking
His girlfriend probably attracts some people

All of these combine and attract a lot of annoying fans that heavily support him (such as talking about him in school and "advertising" on other YouTube videos by saying stuff like "PewDiePie did it first"). I'm not trying to bash on everyone that's subscribed to him, but the annoying ones are in plain sight (the YouTube comment section and unfortunately sometimes in real life). Not all ~11.5 million subscribers have similar personalities or are the same age, fortunately.

He played all of the cards right, whether he knew it or not.

I like PewDiePie's earlier stuff, and he still seems like a decent guy when he's not screaming about nothing (or immature/offensive things). The PewDiePie "culture" sort of went to his head though, and it's especially noticeable when he's in the middle of gaming. Once in a blue moon, I watch one or two videos in some of his series, and each time I feel like I'm sitting in a room with a bunch of mindless demon children and we're all watching the same video.

I like how he's stayed a PC gamer and is now the number one most-subscribed YouTube channel and probably will be for a long time. It brings attention to PC gaming (even though he might be a terrible image for PC gaming to some, he's still extremely popular, and that's what counts).