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Time for an upgrade?

#1RPGManicPosted 8/16/2013 10:31:13 PM
Okay so this is my current rig

I5 2500k OC to 4.5ghz
8mb ram
MSI GTX 560 ti Hawk

As of now the current games I play is Dota2, BF3, and cs:go. Dota2 and cs:go run smooth above 60fps but BF3 does dip down to 30fps and my ***ty screen doesn't help with loads of blur(Asus VS247). I plan on upgrading to a 27" soon but just want to get some of you guys advice if I should just upgrade my gpu or build a whole new rig. Games I plan on playing in the near future are Final Fantasy Reborn and of course BF4. I also do video and photo editing.
#2RPGManic(Topic Creator)Posted 8/16/2013 11:35:39 PM
Just ordered an Asus pb278q, should I just upgrade my gpu or both gpu and processor??
#3RequiemPosted 8/16/2013 11:37:12 PM
Probably just the gpu.
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