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Sign if you didn't buy the EA humble bundle

#81datopgamerPosted 8/18/2013 1:32:09 AM
I got the bundle to try bf3. I will never pay full price for an ea game nor will I pay anything over $10. For the price of the bundle I couldnt help but get it though. I did the same with ME3 when I got it for under $10 from amazon a while back.
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#82Golden_GonadsPosted 8/18/2013 1:35:45 AM
lazycomplife posted...
Okay guys, I didn't know that EA didn't get a direct split of the money, but they do still get tax write-offs like other posters said. I didn't know this before making the poll because I didn't even bother getting to the purchasing part of the bundle... Because EA is trash.

So you created this as trolling topic? Fair enough.