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Using Ubuntu (8.1) to scan Windows for virus's

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3 years ago#1
One of the PC's we have here - an old Dell from around 2002 (I think) is running XP but seems to have slowdown - we think because of a latent virus (or so). I wanted to run a live CD copy of Ubuntu 8.1 that I have lying around to see if it picks up any virus's, how would I?
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3 years ago#2
Insert the disc and run the virus finder program
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3 years ago#3
clamtk is what you're looking for, I'm pretty sure it's right in the software manager. That being said, I'd recommend putting Linux Mint on a USB drive instead (using USB Universal Installer), although Ubuntu would probably work well enough for that purpose as well.
3 years ago#4
If it's just for scanning viruses it doesn't really matter what OS you're using. Kaspersky has a rescue disk that works really well that I've been using lately.
3 years ago#5
I'd be interested to see if in Linux (/Ubuntu) a antivirus/anti malware picks up things the Windows antivirus can not.
I have built - Minus a few parts.
3 years ago#6
Maybe, maybe not. I don't use it, but I've heard that Microsoft's really stepped up their anti-malware game in recent years. I've always just used avast antivirus - its boot time scan is especially useful, assuming the computer is at least in good enough shape to have it installed in the first place.
3 years ago#7
MSE was great but it has supposedly slipped after it reached the top.

Anyway from my experience the Linux-based ones don't pick up viruses the Windows ones don't, it's that they work when the Windows ones won't. If you get a nasty case of the FBI Virus, just getting into the OS can be a huge pain in the ass. It's much easier to run a live rescue CD and run a scan on the offline Windows partition.
3 years ago#8
For future reference it's 8.10, the 0 is important. Which means that anything on that disc will be circa october 2008. I doubt the repositories are even up to allow you to download clamav with it.

Grab a copy of the sytemrescuecd which is linux based and current, and scan with it instead.
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3 years ago#9
With a PC that old it'll be easier to just reformat and reinstall everything. That'll help clear out the winrot as well.
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