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Do people really play with an inverted mouse in games?

#11ZkkPosted 8/18/2013 5:32:48 AM
Back when I was a kid (early 90s), I used to play everything inverted, because that's how my dad played. First person games weren't too big back then anyway. Then some day I just changed to normal. Can't remember why or when. I think my dad would still invert his mouse.
#12AnnihilatedPosted 8/18/2013 5:39:30 AM
claytonbuckley posted...
It's a very old option from when flight sims were a thing. option is still around for those few old gamers from flight sim games that still prefer it.

That's not true, it was practically standard on 3D games in the late 90s. Even on consoles.
#13xAGENTCOOPERxPosted 8/18/2013 6:14:36 AM
I play inverted for first person games, normal for third person games.