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What are your rarest Steam achievements?

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User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#11
Annihilated posted...
Did anyone else notice the achievement showcase no longer showing rare achievements by default? Now it makes you pick your achievements.

Nothing changed. There are two different showcases--The Achievement Showcase--where you choose what achievements you wish to display, and the Rarest Achievement showcase that displays the rarest achievements you've earned.

User Info: Annihilated

3 years ago#12
Oh that's odd. It took mine down for some reason and for some other reason I couldn't find it again.

User Info: YoungAdultLink

3 years ago#13
Steam won't let me log in, but I believe that my rarest achievements are from Shogun 2 and Fallout New Vegas for winning a battle in defense during winter, something I'm surprised more people don't have because I did it for the winter sale thing, and for becoming shogun. The New Vegas ones had to do with crafting and something else.
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User Info: CircleOfManias

3 years ago#14
I'm not level 10, but the rarest one I have as far as I know is Dustforce - Double S+ (earned for completing this monstrosity of a level with a perfect S/S rank, 0.3% of players have it.)
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#15
Yeah, I don't want to type it all out either. Suffice it to say that 3 of my rare acheivements come from FX2 pinball, 1 achievement is a hidden achievement, meaning you don't see it listed under achievements unless you've completed it, 1 is an achievement for a game few people care about, and the last one is actually hard to do so would count as an actual rare achievement.

User Info: Zukkus

3 years ago#16
Company of Heroes 2:
Help Indeed - 1%
Leningrad Approach - Captain - 1%
Cold Weather - Captain - 2%

Metro Last Light:
Kshatriya - 2%

Penny Arcade on the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, Ep. 1:
Immortal - 2%

Killing Floor:
Astro Buffer Aficionado - 2%
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User Info: Robtcee13

3 years ago#17
All of my rarest achievements I believe are from Xotic. Nobody plays that game, but it's probably the most fun I've had ever score attacking in a game.
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