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User Info: JusDo

3 years ago#1
Hello board, Ive been wanting to upgrade my gpu for sometime now, but havent got around to looking up a good card to upgrade to.

My current card gtx570 is a bit dated (2011 purchase), and now for the past 4 weeks its been making this chirping noise which is really annoying. I tried everything i could from cleaning it out, i took it apart and all. The noise did stop for a period of time, but it came back. It seems to be the fan which i took that off as well to see what the problem is and to no luck found nothing.

Anyhow, time for an upgrade and im looking for a good card, that could potentially max out most games now and in the near future.

~300-350$ if necessary.
~Nvidia, because of free splinter cell.

PC Specs
~Gigabyte Intel Z77 LGA 1155
~i53570k 3.4ghz - also recommend a good heatsink for this, my case is pretty small so nothing too large.

User Info: gsf4lyfe

3 years ago#2
You could pick up a 670 in that price range, but idk how much of a performance jump that would net you since it's only a single generation difference.

If you didn't mind spending $400 this 770 would be a really nice performance increase:
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User Info: Vindication123

3 years ago#3
GTX 680 $360
GTX 670 $310
GTX 760 $250

Either one of these is notable. The 680 and the 670 are extremely close in performance, and for $100 dollars less the 760 is about 15% behind the 680 in terms of scores.

The GTX 770 is about $400, and is has the first notable gap in performance compared to the 760, and the 680 is close to it in performance as a comparison.

I'd recommend the 670 or the 760 for that price range.
'The Intel i7-3770 if you're rich, the i5 2500K, i53570 or i53570k if you're doing okay, the AMD A10-5800K or i3 if you're just about hanging in there.'

User Info: JusDo

3 years ago#4
Thx for the input guys
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