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Best gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard?

#21_GRIM_FANDANGO_Posted 8/19/2013 1:35:39 PM
Garquille14 posted...
MX Blues are at a technical disadvantage for gaming, but that's it for MX keys as far as I know
They're also technically slower for typing too, they just feel cool

I would not worry about it that much. It is all theoretical. Regardless of whether you are talking about FPS or RTS, even at the top of the competitive gaming scene people use different type of Cherry MX switches and rubber dome. If it is viable there, then it should not hold the average Joe back. I think how it feels is more important. Both in typing and gaming. "Technically" does not matter if Red switches cause you accidental keypresses and tactile feedback help typing faster because it aids your muscle memory in recognizing when a keystroke is registered.
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#22NinjaGuerra(Topic Creator)Posted 8/20/2013 5:36:19 PM
I went ahead and got a CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid and a Mionix Naos 8200
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