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GTA4 not starting

#1ProtofreakPosted 8/18/2013 4:48:37 PM
Hey guys so I recently picked up gta4. Anywyas when I launch it through steam I get a message saying that windows live does not work with my set up. I can press play offline, but then a message pops up that says

seculauncher: failed to start application. [2000]

I have windows 8 on my computer is that why? I had the same problem with Fallout3, but I finally got that to work. Im not sure how to do it for Gta though, so what can I do?
#2TheC0ndemnedOnePosted 8/18/2013 4:51:12 PM
Find the game's .exe (usually SteamApps/Common/Grand Theft Auto IV/GTAIV/GTAIV.exe) and try setting the compatibility mode to Windows 7.

I'm pretty sure I had the exact same problem.
#3Protofreak(Topic Creator)Posted 8/18/2013 5:11:27 PM
hmm for some reason I dont have the option for compatibility mode when I go there. If i go to properties of the .exe the tabs are general, digital signature, security, and details.
#4ivanwind15Posted 8/18/2013 5:15:49 PM(edited)
You have to manually download GFWL for Windows 8. The one that comes with GTAIV doesn't work.
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#5Protofreak(Topic Creator)Posted 8/18/2013 5:26:09 PM
I just tried that but GFWL is not wanting to install. It keeps failing right at the end. I tried this method here
#6Protofreak(Topic Creator)Posted 8/18/2013 7:25:00 PM
any other ideas?