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Looking to upgrade my ATI Radeon HD 5570

#1_S0FTButtCheeksPosted 8/18/2013 9:37:34 PM
I don't stay updated on graphics cards & such, that's why I came here :D

I'm not looking for a top of the line card or anything. Low profile cards are what I'm looking for.

Any deals or anything I should look at? Thank you.
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#2YoungAdultLinkPosted 8/18/2013 9:40:24 PM
7750. Anything more powerful and you'd likely need to replace your PSU. Should come as low profile.
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#3_S0FTButtCheeks(Topic Creator)Posted 8/18/2013 9:57:18 PM
Thanks! that was the answer I was looking for.
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#4maybecallsPosted 8/19/2013 7:21:05 AM
There is a low profile 7850 on sale

but it's expensive, and you'd need a decent power supply for it.