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New Rig

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User Info: Dillinger7311

3 years ago#1
So I finally made a New rig. Just thought I would share it.

Case-----NZXT Switch 810
MB------- Asus Sabertooth Z87
CPU------i7-4770k * OC 4.5Ghz
RAM-----16GB Corsair Vengeance * OC 2400Mhz
GPU-----EVGA GTX SC ACX 780 SLI * OC +51Mhz on core +616Mhz on mem
PSU-----Corsair AX860i w/ white sleeved cables
Cooling-NZXT Kraken X60 +10 NZXT 140mm fans.
SSD-----Corsair Force GT 240GB
HDD-----WD Black 1TB

I game on 3 24" Asus IPS panels in Surround. 5960x1080


User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#2
Didn't get 3x1440p monitors? Peasant...
#1 LoL Poster NA:

User Info: gastaman

3 years ago#3
Nice build. Looks good.
//Intel// Core i7 2600k @ 4.2 //Gigabyte// Z68X-UD7-B3 //MSI// 3x GTX 580 Lightning SLi
//Corsair// 650D / H100 / 120 GB Force 3 / 12 GB Dominator / AX1200

User Info: SS4Ricky

3 years ago#4
Dammit, so stylish. I could never do this because I just grab stuff when they go on sale and upgrade. Looks like you planned out all these color choices nicely.
i7-3770k@3.5 | Corsair H60 | Gskill sniper 16GB 1866 | MSI gtx 560 448 | Seasonic X750 gold | GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 | Samsung 830 128GB | 1TB WD Black

User Info: Buburibon

3 years ago#5
It looks fantastic, TC. Very, very classy indeed. :-)
3770K @ 4.5Ghz | 16GB | TITAN
Steam | PSN | XBL: GVAmson23

User Info: Frozenwings

3 years ago#6
I like. Very classy.

User Info: ph33r1es5

3 years ago#7
Nice. Looks tidy.
Cosair 540 [] Gigabyte Z87X-D3H [] i5 4670k [] H100i [] Corsair Dominator Platinum 8GB [] Sapphire Vapor X HD7950 [] Samsung 840 120GB SSD [] HX650

User Info: chris121691

3 years ago#8
Dillinger7311 posted...


No..YOU enjoy.

User Info: logicill

3 years ago#9
That is gorgeous. Nicely done!
"It doesn't matter where you start, because to get where you want to go, you have to go through Philadelphia." - Dusty Baker

User Info: Dillinger7311

3 years ago#10
chris121691 posted...
Dillinger7311 posted...


No..YOU enjoy.

lol ill try.
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