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The Last Remnant

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User Info: Mystical_NEET

3 years ago#1
Anyone else played this on PC?

I keep getting glitches in cutscenes where the MC's little sash is jiggling through his pelvis - really annoying, wondering if there's a fix. Also a speedhack would be nice for certain areas... (it's a single-player game mods, so not "cheating" per se).

User Info: Heiedono

3 years ago#2
idk why you have to rationalize a speed mod, this is the PC board. We mod all day e'ery day baby.
Anyways never heard of the game :D
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User Info: DiviDude

3 years ago#3
That happened to me too occasionally, but I never looked into fixing it. I always thought it was kinda entertaining actually, in a game that otherwise bored me to death.
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