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how do you usually control your mouse while gaming?

#11SnickleseedPosted 8/20/2013 9:41:59 AM
pfff I don't know, I never paid attention to how I hold it I just use my hand to move it where I want it to go and click it.
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#12Dan_AshcroftPosted 8/20/2013 9:43:01 AM
I don't know, but whatever i AM doing, I'm doing it wrong
#13ein311Posted 8/20/2013 9:43:18 AM
Thumb and pinky move the mouse.

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#14IBKNAWTUPosted 8/20/2013 9:45:03 AM
Garquille14 posted...
I pivot my arm from my elbow for long horizontal movements
I pivot my hand from my wrist for small horizontal movements

I protract/retract my fingers for small vertical movements
I shift my whole arm up for long vertical movements
though sometimes it's a combination of both for vertical movements

My palm doesn't make full contact with the mouse, it's mostly just the ball joints below where the fingers start

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