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Good Local Co-op Steam Games?

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User Info: sonicteam2k1

3 years ago#21
CptJiggles posted...
fallenswords posted...
Local as in split screen or local as in LAN?

I sometimes like to play with friends on the couch with big picture, so please, no LAN games, I want games with controller support and split screen or versus.

pls lrn 2 red

Streets of Rage Remake
See The Game Collection

User Info: claytonbuckley

3 years ago#22
Castle Crashers by like the distance between the Earth and Pluto. Then maybe Portal 2.

User Info: jordandrako

3 years ago#23
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User Info: Kaushad

3 years ago#24
I stopped watching comedy on TV when I found the jimquisition and zero punctuation.
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