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Video game name generator.

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3 years ago#131
Monty Python's Catapult Rider
PSN: EdgeOfForever
3 years ago#132
Tony Hawk's Tricycle Jam
Black Banana Gang
Cthulhu's Ping Pong Academy
Killer Yoga Operatives
Educational Dinosaur Terror
Unpleasant Programming X-treme
The Hunt For the Sex Challenge
3 years ago#133
Communist Military Restaurant

Imagine the possibilities
3 years ago#134
Incredible Porn Arena
8-Bit Leisure Suit Pimps
Death-Defying Sewer - The Revenge
Virtual Afro Conspiracy
Transvestite Dodgeball Starring Mickey Mouse
Mexican Gimp in Middle-Earth
Sensual Prison Tale
Nasty Buddhist III
Robot STD Fight Club

its like the gift that keeps on giving, also like 90% of these are probably actual NES romhacks already
I was programmed to kill your ass!
3 years ago#135
Mario's Amish Fight Club
Indiana Jones and the NASCAR Crime Scene Investigation
All hail the mighty woolay.
The official Woolays Weapon Idea Archive 2.0
3 years ago#136
Hideous Cookie Soldier 0.o
oh noes 0.o
3 years ago#137
Chrebet808 posted...
Robot STD Fight Club

ElectroGonorrhea - The Noisy Killer | |
3 years ago#138
Heinous Breakdancing Girl
Romantic Forklife Diesel
Rushing Cooking Showdown
Royal Wedding from Hell
Arcane Drug-Dealing Attack
PSN: Varkarsh
Metroid fan all the way.
3 years ago#139
Looney Tunes Indian Rage
Psn:KingJaggi 3DS Fc:1590-5213-0522
3 years ago#140
My Little Sushi Choreographer
My Little Puppy Prophecy
Royal Elevator Insanity
Eternal Outlaw Reloaded
Mysterious Beach - 3rd Strike
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