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Video game name generator.

#281Startech_ViperPosted 8/20/2013 3:34:01 PM
"Custom Soccer Assassins" - Sounds like a fun game

"Sexy Software Horror" - Lol

"African Love Offensive" - For some reason, it makes me think of the book, "Things Fall Apart"

"The Care Bears' Mafia Party" - Considering I was a Care Bears Fan as a kid, I would probably pick this game up if it was real.

"Tiny Flatulence Returns" - Lmao Silent... But deadly... o_O

"Throbbing Transvestite Dudes" - ............

"Tony Hawks Drug-Dealing GT" - Lmao

"Revenge of the Drug-Dealing Superstar" - Sounds like every rapper out there

"Retarded Ballet City" - Can you imagine retarded ballet dancers? I know I shouldn't laugh at that but... LMAO!!!

"Stoic Axe Sisters" - Hopefully they're talking Battleaxes. Then that game would rock!
Bakin dem kookayz... o_O