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Battlefield 3 download size question. Does this make sense?

#11cody4783Posted 8/19/2013 5:16:47 PM
Retrowire posted...
So is the initial download a 1.0 version, then you update the game and all of a sudden you're at 22gbs without DLC? I thought that when you digitally downloaded something, you downloaded the latest version.

Not entirely sure. Origin isn't the best about downloading the "Latest" version, in my experience. Just the other day I downloaded Dead Space 3, at ~9GB, and *immediately* afterword it wanted another ~1GB "Update".

But, more than likely your overall download *will* be in the range of 20GB or so, and may or may not have a couple extra gigs without any DLC. Haven't had just the vanilla game in a long time, so I'm not familiar with how large it is exactly without expansions.

For what it's worth, my base game folder is ~11GB, and the Patch folder is roughly 6GB (Expansions are tallied separately). Totaling 17GB.
#12Retrowire(Topic Creator)Posted 8/19/2013 5:26:41 PM
Thank you guys, you've helped me a lot. I just hope that Origin's download speeds are better than they once were on my satellite internet. Guess I'll have to wait til midnight (free internet all night long) and download it over the next couple of days. D: Oh well!
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