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How's this idea for a game challenge?

#11TimePharaohPosted 8/19/2013 7:24:17 PM
Welcome to 30 years ago
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#12MagnemightPosted 8/19/2013 7:26:00 PM
what differentiates this from an arcade game, aside from the ludicrous payout
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#13Conker(Topic Creator)Posted 8/19/2013 8:47:45 PM
Nothing, I was just curious if its really been done as far as the "beating the game and reward/challenge aspect," not the pay for lives part.

Looks like standard internet responses otherwise, though. Nobody really looks at the challenge aspect and just b****es about how its the same as all the "free game then pay for lives."

And the point about "beat the first, get to play the second" is the sequel you'd otherwise have to pay for, but instead get for free...

Lastly, it wouldn't be some crappy mobile/arcade game just for cash in.

I'm not saying its a genius idea or original, I meant more of the challenge to beat and first through it for money, and hopefully generating sales out of the challenges.
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#14TimePharaohPosted 8/19/2013 8:49:15 PM
Again, welcome to 30 years ago, go look up Sword Quest
"HE are genius, firstly." - ASlaveObeys
#15Conker(Topic Creator)Posted 8/19/2013 9:55:47 PM
Wow, so welcome to 30 yrs ago on ONE series that nobody currently knows about and would end up a totally different experience. Come on, if anything that concept could be updated for a modern game and work really well in the style I'm suggesting.
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#16InterfusorPosted 8/20/2013 3:56:24 AM(edited)
Hush this topic! Molyneux might see it!

And now I see the irony of my bump.
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#17bobhome2Posted 8/20/2013 5:45:31 AM
I've never play it, personally.

While the "reward" concept of a million bucks is a draw, the incentive would be reduced after someone redeems the first million. After the second, well, at least you can play the next one, right? Doesn't do enough for me.

Further, paying for more lives would be obnoxious. You get one shot, then you'll need to buy the rest. Coupled with making people buy the second game? Nope.
#18pothocketPosted 8/20/2013 5:53:39 AM
jake-sf posted...
Its what we used to call "arcades". Not exactly new.

It's sad that it took this long for someone to bring this up. Shoulda been the first response.
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#19Knight2520Posted 8/20/2013 6:03:57 AM
From: Conker | #001
First person to beat the game would get $1 million. First person to complete 100% of the game would get $1 million.

Where you gonna get $2 million when the game is beaten and 100%'d within a week and your sales haven't caught up?
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#20r0ge00Posted 8/20/2013 6:07:52 AM
Knight2520 posted...
Where you gonna get $2 million when the game is beaten and 100%'d within a week and your sales haven't caught up?

Not to mention development costs, advertising, server upkeep, etc. Hardly anyone would play after the prizes are redeemed. You could make a prize tier, but that's even more money you'd have to pay out that you probably don't have.