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Hypothetical: The NSA goes to Box, Dropbox, Mega, SkyDrive and says 'we want to

#21OCRAZYGunPosted 8/20/2013 11:14:22 AM
Quote:arleas posted...
I thought the megaupload guy made it so all data is encrypted so that nobody but the owner of the file knows what's in it (so he can claim ignorance when it comes to piracy or whatever).

1) He uses a weak encryption, purely for his own legal purposes ("no, i dont know if my customers have illegal movies on it, it's all encrypted.")

2) If you send an unencrypted file to be encrypted on another system it can (and is ala prism) be intercepted in its unencrypted format. If you're going to store data on a remote server, encrypt it before you send it.

3) You should take steps to encrypt as much of your traffic as possible. If you only encrypt "questionable material" it will be obvious. The only space where you should consider going without encryption is on your LAN.

Bonus tip: The real way to get past everything is to not only follow the steps above, but to decentralize your services. Buy a few raspberry pis, make one a dedicated mail server (use pgp encryption for email), make another into an owncloud server. If they want your email, they cant go to google and get the full log, they have to ask you. If they want your cloud storage they cant go to dropbox, they have to ask you.

@New Link

How much would it cost to do this? I'm curious.
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#22New LinkPosted 8/20/2013 11:46:06 AM
OCRAZYGun posted...
@New Link

How much would it cost to do this? I'm curious.

Not much at all. I'd go with two Model B Raspberry Pis (for the dedicated eth0 port, you don't want to rely on WiFi) which are $35 each. Each will need SD cards big enough to hold the operating systems... so 2 2GB cards will be fine, but make sure that they are Class 10 SD cards. Then you'll also need storage, so the cost of however many hard drives you feel like attaching.

So I'd say the mail server will cost you ~$50 the OwnCloud with 1TB of storage server will cost you ~$100 until you fill it up. Add on ~$50 for each extra terabyte of storage.

The software to do it all is free and open source.
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well Gentlemen.

*puts on Anonymous hat and garb
^That is how you do a password.....
derp. well without leaving the key on a server that your ex-friend has access to.
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DerPancake posted...
Only a criminal cares about what the NSA does.
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