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Is Aria PC a trusted UK merchant for PC components?

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3 years ago#1 suggests Aria PC as a merchant for my parts, and most provided by that place are cheaper than anywhere else. Their prices seem a little too good, and a google search hasn't really had me convinced either way. It's either them or pay 50 more to purchase my components from more trusted merchants (dabs, ebuyer, amazon).

Just wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with them?
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3 years ago#2
yes they can be trusted, ive shopped from there a few times and a friend has ordered alot more. just avoid the forums.
3 years ago#3
They're fine on the whole, although I always call in as I'm local so can't comment on online services. There was one time where they tried it on to be honest. Bought a new case that had a foot missing and they tried to give me a random non-matching one from a box of spares. I wasn't having any of it and got a new case as was my right but that left a bad taste. I only use them know if they're insanely cheap as Scan is close as well. Have you checked Scan's prices as they're usually a touch cheaper?

Free delivery from Scan as well once you qualify:
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3 years ago#4
Haven't used Araia.

Just wanted to post that if you do use Scan it's worth checking out what's for sale under the 'Today Only' tab first.

I built this PC using a mix of components bought from Scan and ebuyer. The Scan order arrived promptly with everything in one box. The ebuyer order arrived minus the case. I had to wait a full week (still within the limit, though) for the case, which was frustrating.
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