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how much of a difference will RAM speed make?

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3 years ago#1
So had this picked out initially:

and just saw at work we got in PNY 16GB DDR3-12800 1600mhz RAM. With my discount I may be able to get that PNY RAM for almost $30 cheaper than the corsair, but would I be taking a huge hit in performance?
3 years ago#2
not a noticeable difference unless you use IGP
3 years ago#3
1600MHz RAM is the sweet spot in price/performance and is what you want. No point going higher unless you're getting it for the same price somehow.
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3 years ago#4
fuzzyman posted...
not a noticeable difference unless you use IGP
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3 years ago#5
Don't pay more than $60 for a basic 2x 4GB kit unless you're getting something fast with good sinks

I spent... $100 >.> last year though and low latency ****
3 years ago#6
these are pretty fugly but CL9 1600 for $54

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3 years ago#7
For the overwhelming majority of applications, differences in RAM speed will be completely negligible. Unless you work in a field where you know RAM speed will affect processes you're running, don't even worry about it.
3 years ago#8
The 2x4 1866 vengeance LP kit is $54 after a MIR on newegg. If you do MIRs that's a great deal as long as you don't mind your sticks being blue. If not, 1600 is usually around $60 with no rebate.

As for how much of a difference it will make (assuming 1600 vs 1866+), outside of very specific applications, on an intel system none, and on an AMD system next to none, unless, as was mentioned above, you're running on igp.
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3 years ago#9
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3 years ago#10
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