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LOL Get a Load of this Clown!

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User Info: Mystical_NEET

3 years ago#1

$15000 For A Dual Core PC... just, Lol.

User Info: Suns1344

3 years ago#2
That's in rupees.
15,000 rupees is approx. 234 USD.

User Info: Fire_Plover

3 years ago#3
15,000 Rupees = $233
GoldenEye: Aether'/RC : 0953-0826-2559

User Info: Maiken100

3 years ago#4
Now who's the clown TC?

User Info: AllHailTheDead6

3 years ago#5
Maiken100 posted...
Now who's the clown TC?
Steam ID AllHailTheDead
*Puts on his robe and wizard hat*

User Info: ArsenicOverlord

3 years ago#6
You'd think the .in domain suffix or the funky-looking currency symbol in front of the 15000 figure would have been a giveaway that this was not in US$.
Phosphorus? Pfffft, who needs 'em??
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User Info: Interfusor

3 years ago#7
It always amazes me how any country has something as cumbersome as a large hexagonal crystal as its currency.
I am not economically viable.

User Info: SpacedDuck

3 years ago#8
AllHailTheDead6 posted...
Maiken100 posted...
Now who's the clown TC?

Keep/Kept the Faith! Forever a member of Red Sox Nation!

User Info: lionheart5656

3 years ago#9
TC living up to the tag I gave him.

Good to know I'm always right.
Shooting blanks, every time, all the time.

User Info: Spidey555

3 years ago#10
wow rupees newb alert
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