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Speaking of programming languages, how many do you know?

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  3. Speaking of programming languages, how many do you know?
2 years ago#11
SinisterSlay posted...
KillerzOverHere posted...
If you don't have job that deals with programming languages, why would you need to know?

Are you asking yourself that TC?

It was rhetorical. I don't have a job that deals with PC's, so I don't need to know about programming.
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2 years ago#12
C/C++, c#, MIPS, java, a bit of html and VB,
2 years ago#13
Quite a bit. If know as in being able to get things done through retained knowledge and looking through reference material. I'm not as good of a script kid like I was when I was a teenager but I can still good work. Except for machine code, I can read those like regular texts. C family codes, html/css/etc somewhat. Mostly work with communications stuff though, if those codes count (encryption/decryption)
2 years ago#14
Mystical_NEET posted...
Immortal_Moo posted...
Mainly web like CSS/HTML
Some VB, and Action Script.
Also some coding for somegames but no idea what it would be.

I hope this post was also a joke

Are you one of those crusty dudes who swear up and down that only compiled languages are true programming languages?

On Topic:

Perl... well actually just the AWK subset
Python... just a bit though

.. and a metric crap ton of batch scripting, DOS and Bash style (though I don't get to use it at work very much anymore).
2 years ago#15
I'm worked with numerious languages over the years. However, if I was asked to code something on the spot without being able to look something up, I could do (in order of best knowledge).

Shell (linux/unix)

I used to do JAVA a bit, as well as many of the web languages and tool kits. I also did a semester of Objective-C. There's others, but I can't think of them at the moment.
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2 years ago#16
I can BBCode like a boss.
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2 years ago#17
I know bits and pieces of BASIC, C and do some shell scripting and all, but could I code my way out of a paper bag in either one? Well, depending on which version of BASIC I could code my way out of and back into the paper bag....but with C I'd need help help making something I could compile.... so I'd say 1.... but again, it depends on which version of BASIC since there were half a dozen versions between 1981 and 1990...

(edited by arleas)
2 years ago#18
Basically all I use regularly is C++. But I've some knowledge in a bunch of other ones.
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2 years ago#19
depends on what you mean by "know"

i know c++ and java but i can't like do anything useful with them. i just know their syntax and some features and classes and whatnot
2 years ago#20
C++, C#, objective C, Java, VB. For scripting; Javascript, VBscript, html, xml, xaml, Sql, python wsh.
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  3. Speaking of programming languages, how many do you know?

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