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Is a router/modem as good as having them separately?

#1King_of_GoatsPosted 8/21/2013 5:28:46 PM
I had my modem recently break and I ended up buying a router/modem from my ISP. It however doesn't seem to give me as good of speeds as I had with my modem and router separately. It could be that I just got a bad box, but I'm wondering if that is the case. Does anyone know anything about this?
#2TheWidowmaker1Posted 8/21/2013 5:35:51 PM
When they set up the internet at my new house, they give me this piece of crap Netgear that was a router/modem. It couldn't even get the signal into the living room and when it did it would drop frequently. It was also set up in the next room over basically. I got a powerful router and attached it to the Netgear and I didn't have any issues with it after that.

So I guess in summary, you seem to be having a bad experience with them and I had a bad experience with them. It looks as though router/modems aren't all that great.
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#3TimePharaohPosted 8/21/2013 5:36:46 PM
They're garbage
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#4TheWidowmaker1Posted 8/21/2013 5:36:52 PM
I didn't have anymore issues with the wireless after I added a more powerful router to it, I should say.
Games should be bringing people together, not tearing them apart. There is too much hate in the gaming culture.
#5SnickleseedPosted 8/21/2013 5:40:33 PM
TimePharaoh posted...
They're garbage

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#6arleasPosted 8/21/2013 5:41:57 PM
I have never used a router/modem all in one, but I've known a few people who have, and as long as you don't want to do anything fancy (like opening certain ports for certain games) then you'll be fine. If you need to have a certain port open or a range of ports, you may find your router/modem's features lacking...

All I know is, every single time I had problems playing online games with friends, it was the guy who had a modem/router combo and if we could even find proper documentation on the internet for his particular model, it always seemed like they didn't want you to have anything other than port 80 open. :I
#7PFGeraciPosted 8/21/2013 6:07:21 PM
If you're an everyday person who just goes on Youtube, email, etc it's fine. If you're on this site and you play games online, download large things like games, and notice when there's lag, those things blow chunks.
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#8DerPancakePosted 8/21/2013 6:20:22 PM(edited)
Its work better than having the separate, depends on which one you have obviously.
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#9Rolen47Posted 8/21/2013 6:47:13 PM
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