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How do people stand playing at 30 fps or even less?

#31Ningishzida(Topic Creator)Posted 8/21/2013 7:31:54 PM
TheMisfit posted...
Early 90's PC shooters? Doom on DOS only ran at 35 fps (it is hardcoded into the game) and Wolfenstein 3D ran at even less frames.


I can understand, as resolutions get higher and crisper, framerates become more noticeable

low framerates are noticeable even on "120p" shmups.

Ocarina of Time (20 fps)
Super Mario 64 (30 fps)
Panzer Dragoon (20 fps)
Dark Souls (30 fps)

all those games would be infinitely more playable had they maintained higher and more consistent FPS. OoT dropped to 5fps in the Fire Temple at times, I almost stopped playing it was that bad.

Panzer Dragoon is unplayably bad these days.

None of the games on your list came close to consistent FPS, not even SM64.

Genesis and SNES games can't really be catergorized in a framerate count. It more or less depends on the frames of animation a sprite is drawn.

/facepalm. you must be new to gaming, framerate was a huge critical point of games in the 90s, both PC and console.

A console shmup or platformer that dipped FPS severely would get critically and publicly panned.