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ITT: We reveal the worst game we have ever played.

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3 years ago#191
angermngment101 posted...
Diablo 3. Legit the worst game I have ever seen in my entire life.

You cant realistically "Play" it... its honestly just torture in video form.

it's about time someone agrees!

seriously, 4 abilities is just trash man, trash! and it's so short, you can beat it in a day if you can deal with the boredom

I would get fatigue 10 minutes in lmao

I'm actually thinking of installing again but I know I'll hate it. I want to play it again because it seriously IS THE WORST GAME EVER CREATED
3 years ago#192
Bioshock 2
3 years ago#193
Dungeon Siege 3
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3 years ago#194
Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts in RPG Maker XP.

Actually, I never played that one, but from the screenshots, it might have been worse than Big Rigs.
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3 years ago#195
Super Man 64
da rings.... 0_o
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3 years ago#196
These topics always end up having idiots posting AAA games, or best selling games as the "worst" game they've ever played, making the whole thing pointless.

Anyway, it's a toss up between Unlimited Saga and Evil Dead:Hail to the King
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3 years ago#197
Dark Souls community.

worst game ever? Probably charlies angels.
3 years ago#198
Oof. Either Brink or Vampire Rain, not counting NES and Genesis titles.

Best-Worst game I've ever played was Deadly Premonition though. So great/terrible.
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3 years ago#199
Ep1taph303 posted...
pothocket posted...
Monopoly - so many's a crime against the gaming hobby that it continues to exist and sell so many copies.

They're making a version that can be completed in 30 minutes. The reason is because children with their spoiled ways and the "gimme gimme entitlement" generation don't have time because they consume so much media per day. Absolutely pathetic generation.

And which generation can we blame for that?
3 years ago#200
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