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where can i buy the cables that connect my power supply to gpu?

#1based_god_Posted 8/22/2013 10:59:06 AM
i ordered another gpu but forgot all my spare cables were back home and i'm away at school.
it'd be nice to get them today as i'm impatient. but most stores are like 20 minutes away so i don't want to go on a goose chase.

we have wal mart, best buy, radio shack, etc.
maybe a computer store but i'll have to check
#2based_god_(Topic Creator)Posted 8/22/2013 11:07:54 AM
this is what i need i think
#3GabrielVanPosted 8/22/2013 11:07:57 AM
Are you talking modular cables FOR your PSU or adapters for existing PSU cables? Usually those come with the products you buy (molex to 6-pin would come with the GPU, etc)). Radioshack may be your best bet, then Best Buy after that, but I'm not sure if either carries those type of things in-store.