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Why do 1.0 players only get 2 weeks game time free?

#1GwynsSonSolairePosted 8/23/2013 5:34:29 AM
when people who buy ARR get 4 weeks
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#2GrimtronPosted 8/23/2013 5:35:15 AM
What game?
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#3GwynsSonSolaire(Topic Creator)Posted 8/23/2013 5:38:11 AM
o lol i thought i was on the ff14 board whoops
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#4Ha_D00DPosted 8/23/2013 6:02:54 AM
Then close this thread?
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#5Mudkip57Posted 8/23/2013 7:12:54 AM
He can't close the thread if people posts in it. Gawd
#6AnatomyHorrorPosted 8/23/2013 7:17:36 AM
He'll probably bump it with his other alt and answer the question himself anyway.
#7Master_BassPosted 8/23/2013 7:32:01 AM
This topic shall never be closed!
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#8Robman5000Posted 8/23/2013 7:39:50 AM
Probably because 1.0 people got a lot of free time in? Even if it sucked.
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#9IBKNAWTUPosted 8/23/2013 7:43:17 AM
Can't close this!
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#10Silent Sniper IVPosted 8/23/2013 7:46:53 AM
Because ARR people are paying $30 and legacy players aren't paying anything, Thats what I would assume is the logic they're using.
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