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New to building PCs, need a good build and some help!

#1MehrabianPosted 8/23/2013 8:25:41 AM
Hey guys! I want a build that's roughly around $500-$800 and that does not include a monitor mouse or speakers. I need an OS (windows 8 I may go with) and also I want an SSD. I want to be able to run the new gen games (gt4, bf4, sc blacklist) on at least medium to high at 60 fps. I'm not sure what parts I need for that though, can you help me?
#2Vindication123Posted 8/23/2013 1:27:06 PM
What you want would be difficult for the price range.

You might be stuck using a smaller SSD around 60GB, and only have enough room for 1-2 games because of budget issues, which is fine for the short term. Add a HDD later, and use the SSD for the OS.

The CPU and GPU alone could cost from $300-$500 dollars alone for what you want.

An i5-2500 and a 760 or 7970 might be your best bet, and you could still OC the i5 as it's the last good OC.

Decide on the cheapest CPU and GPU first, then see how you can fill in the rest.
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#3MrMonkhousePosted 8/23/2013 1:40:31 PM
First of all, your budget cant be 800 dollars max if you want a SSD. Either up the budget more or stick to a HDD.
#4gsf4lyfePosted 8/23/2013 4:51:13 PM
SSD definitely isn't realistic in that price range, luckily it's super easy to add later.

Here's a decent build in that range that will max most current games:
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