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Buying used GPU's off of Amazon is it a bad idea?

#1murphy230Posted 8/24/2013 8:14:51 AM
Hey, so I'm very interested in buying a new gtx 670 ftw so that I can sli my card. I know performance wise no other single card can beat an sli gtx 670 ftw. My concern would be is buying used a bad idea.
The used card is selling for 279.99
My current set up is a
Gtx 670 ftw
1tb hard drive
16gb ram
6 fans
Tx750w power Supply
P8 z77 lk - v mobo
#2DaLaggaPosted 8/24/2013 8:46:29 AM
Obviously, buying used does have certain risks attached to almost anything (i.e. if he's selling it because he knows something is wrong or going wrong with it). All I can tell you is that in my 12 years of PC gaming I have never once had a GPU go bad. My current GPU has been heavily used for over 4 years now and is functioning perfectly. It seems to me like HDDs, Mobos, RAM, and PSUs can fail rather easily while GPU's and CPU's last for ages. So I doubt buying a GPU with a year or two of use on it is really going to be all that risky as far as normal wear and tear is concerned. .